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Still unsure if chiropractic treatment is right for you? See what other patients are saying about their experience with our practice.


 "I have been with Dr. Kris since the mid nineties.  Both myself and my children are very satisfied with the great care we have received.  Dr. Kris is the friendliest person I know.  I tried other methods of chiropractic care before seeing her. The Activator system has kept me in good shape even with my active outdoor lifestyle and physically demanding work.  I kid with her all the time that if I break it she can fix it!"  -- RW


"I chose Dr. Kris over all other chiropractors because I could tell she truly loved her patients.  She would always ask how I was doing not just as a patient but as a person. She always tailored her treatment to my specific needs."   - Margaret

I can tell you I have never had a better nights sleep and lack of overall body pain since receiving regular adjustments. It is wonderful to begin my day rested and pain free.

Dr. Kris provides guidance for supplements and Essential Oils. She also gives an excellent foot reflexology massage.


I have been suffering from foot pain for the last year. A podiatrist diagnosed my problem as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and recommended surgery as my only option.

I decided to ask Dr. Kris, my favorite Chiropractor, to take a look. With adjustments to my foot and ankle, laser treatments and exercises to strengthen my ligaments I am 80% better.  I could do a Happy Dance.--Twyla

I had hip replacement surgery on August 8th. On August 22nd I could barely walk hanging onto my walker. I had my daughter take me to the Chiropractor this morning, when I let the office I didn't need my walker. Later that evening, walking thru the house I didn't use my cane! Thank heavens for Chiropractic.--KMW

I am very please with Dr. Kris' use of the Activator. Between swimming and regular visits, my drop foot which developed before I had back surgery has greatly improved. Thank you Dr. Kris for improving my health.--Sharon

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